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Binder Documents and Organization

Each shooter's binder should be organized as described below. This makes things much easier (and faster) during class when we need to find a certain worksheet or test. If you need to replace a document, click the name below and the document will open.  (Starting a New Year: Returning shooters should keep their lesson sheets from the previous year in their binder, unless stated otherwise. The worksheets should be redone each year as the NRA Rulebook changes frequently. Tests from previous years can be left at home or thrown away, but tests from the current year should be behind tab 5 of the shooter's notebook, as listed on the Binder Documents page.)

Parent's Binder

Shooter/Coaching Notes

Parent Handbook

Safety Class Parent Packet 

Shooter's Binder 

Inside Front Cover

Mental  Checklist (taped to front pocket on left)

Matching Cards (store in front pocket or leave at home)

Prior to Tab 1

Sheet of Lined Notebook Paper (containing notes from the firing line should be 1st page in rings)
Daily Logs (filled out EVERY practice)

Tab 1 - Safety Class Lessons

Lesson 1 Handouts (5 pages)
Lesson 1 Daisy Posters (#1, #2, and #3)
Lesson 2 Handouts (3 pages)
Lesson 2 Daisy Posters (#4 and #5)
Lesson 3 Handouts (4 pages)
Lesson 3 Daisy Posters (#6)
Lesson 4 Handouts (2 pages)
Lesson 4 Daisy Posters (#7)
Lesson 5 Handouts (2 pages)
Lesson 5 Daisy Posters (#8 and #9)

Tab 2 - NRA Rulebook/Notes

Latest NRA BB Gun Rulebook (January 2016)
Shooting Positions Handouts 

Tab 3 (continued)

Tab 3 - Fun Sheets (optional)

Reminder 01: Check Muzzle

Reminder 02: Crossing Fences

Reminder 03: Hunt in Season

Reminder 04: Hunting with Others

Reminder 05: Never Rest a Gun on Your Foot

Reminder 06: Respect Other People's Property

Reminder 07: Safety Types

Reminder 08 Storing Firearms

Reminder 09: Transporting Firearms

Reminder 10: Use Correct Ammunition

Tab 5 - Testing

Test Tracker
Safety Class Final
All paper tests in numerical order
(test number is in upper right corner)
See Testing page.

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