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2020-21 Coaches Corner

Director's Dialog

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear is ordered in January. 

Gunsmith Gab

Gun Performance

When using your gun this season, if your shooter is aiming at the black every shot, but not hitting it, let Chet know so he can check the gun! He will also be tweaking positions over the next few weeks so all shooters have a better chance of hitting that black dot every time.

Coach Chatter

Line Coaches

The coaching clinic material covered during safety class are also found in your parent handbook. If you have any questions, please ask one of the directors. Make sure you have your binder on the line with you every practice.

Class Connection

NRA Material

Our learning of the NRA Rulebook has begun! Have your shooter review their worksheets with you so you know what they are learning when it comes to the rules of competition and the rules of the range! 

Fundraiser Facts

Raffle Tickets - Stubs and all monies due March 28th

Tickets will be ready for you to sign out and sell starting October 28, 2020! Please, please, please sign a pack out today! We must sell all 250 tickets. Winnings are $25 and $50 throughout the month of April. Every ticket has 120 chances to win (30 days in April times 4 numbers per ticket)!!!

Fundraiser Ideas?

What fundraiser would you like to see? Submit your idea here:

Question of the Week

When answering the question, you may be asked an additional question. Answers should be according to the classroom (Daisy curriculum and NRA book) AND according to our range's rules.

Week #1 - What is the rule for sight adjustment?

Week #2 - What are the most important things to remember when firing a shot?

Week #3 - At what distance do we shoot (metric and US standard)?

Week #4 - What are the popular sizes of gauges?

Week #5 - Can a bullet travel and hit an object a mile away?

Week #6 - Who is allowed to make sight adjustments, coach or shooter? 

Week #7 - What was your favorite part of the fun shoot?

Week #8 - What should you do when your sighter shot is outside the sighter ring?

Week #9 - Every practice target is treated like a competition target when it comes to scoring. Are you allowed to have more than 10 shots outside the sighter ring?

Week #10 During a snow practice, you were to pick a fun sheet and tell why that rule is important. What rule did you pick?

Week #11 - Have you been practicing your positions at home? What can you improve and do better?

Week #12 - Where do you struggle when it comes to testing? Have you talked to Pam about ways to make it easier to know which answer is correct?

Week #13 - If you want to attend Nationals and your family is willing to fundraise or absorb the cost, let Pam know you want to be on the A Team list. (Parent and shooter must tell her together. You must also follow all steps in the A Team Expections list.) If you do not want to attend Nationals, let Pam know you want to be on the B team list. This question is not an option. Only those who answer will be on the list.

Week #14 - Coming Soon!

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