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Harrisburg Hunters' and Anglers' Association

BB Gun Riflemen Team FAQ and More Information Request

What type of information are you looking to find?

I want to know what we need to join the team?

You can find that information on the Join Team page.

We want to register for this year's team?

Scroll to the bottom of the Join Team page and click the registration button. (Be sure to also visit the Join Team page so see what supplies you will need to bring to practice.)

What type of successes have previous shooters experienced?

  • Several previous shooters have moved on to higher level shooting teams.

  • Some not only shot on the rifle team at their respective colleges, but did so with scholarships. 

  • The collegiate teams and scholarships are out there and we have the tools to make that happen, if that's the path your child chooses to take when the time comes.

  • Several former shooters have joined various branches of the armed forces and are ahead of the game versus their counterparts when it comes to shooting skills, due to this type of program.  

  • If your child is having trouble "fitting in" when it comes to sports, give us a try!

My child wants to join a shooting team, but we aren't sure about the competition-side of things. Is there another option?

Yes, give us a try! The competitive side of our team is not what you think. We do not use the win at all costs approach. Each participant is unique, so we adapt our coaching and teaching to accommodate all participants.

We cannot find the answer to our question anywhere on the site.

Fill in the form on the right and ask know your question. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you for your request for information. We will get back to you within the next 48 hours! Please visit the other pages on our site for information about our team.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our program has given many kids the confidence to have success in the future. Those who have not succeeded in shooting have moved on to other sports and succeeded there. 

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