BB Gun Riflemen Program's "Team Only" Site

Practice Info and Scoresheet

Practice Activities:

Tests taken during class can be found in the required tests section on the "Testing" page. Descriptions of each class can be found on our "What We Did in Class" page. Worksheets completed in class can be found on the "Binder Documents" page. Shooters should complete the worksheets using their lesson sheets and the NRA Rulebook. If shooters are unsure of an answer, ask Pam. She will help you not only find the answer in the lesson sheets or rulebook, but also understand why the answer is what it is.

Binder Organization:

The list of all contents for your binder and where they go are on the "Binder Documents" page.

Individual Event Scoresheets:

These scoresheets are for each competition, including the fun shoot/skills shoot. Previous scores will be linked until new scores are available. Basic scores are usually uploaded within 48 hours of the competition. Full scores are uploaded when we receive them. Delays could occur due to technical difficulties or the longevity of a competition, a remind will be sent when the full scores are uploaded. (These are also posted in the documents section of our TeamApp since some find the app easier to use on their phone.)

Winter Championship - February (2020)
Fun Shoot - February (2020)
NRA Sectional - March (2020)

1st Year Shooter Match - March (2019)
Spring Fling - March (2019)

PA State Match - April (2019)
Postal Match - April (2019)

Full Scoresheet:

The shooting scores document can be found at this link: ScoreSheet_BBGun. Descriptions of each section in this document are below.

Table of Contents: Where you see 1/xx in your browser or Adobe Reader, change the 1 to the page number from the table of contents that you want to view.

Shooter Averages: These are broken down by month and overall. 

Individual Practice Pages: Each practice has 1 page of scores. The top 3 scores are highlighted in gold, silver, and bronze. These scores are transferred to the individual shooter pages, starting on page 44 of the document and shown on the score board at the club. The highlights do not transfer.

Individual Shooter Pages: Each shooter has 3 pages. The top score in each position and averages for each month during the season are in the gray area at the top of the shooter's page. This section is transferred to the averages section, starting on page 2 of the document.