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Documents from Safety Class (Pre-Season and During the Season):

Located in the Education section: Documents

Non-Class Documents:

The handouts below are helpful in knowing the various pieces of information learned during safety class.

The files below are really good reads! Reading them is recommended. If our training schedule allows, we will spend one class reviewing them. Reading these is a requirement for those going to Nationals. Clicking the name of the document will download the document onto your device. All are in PDF format.


TeamApp is something we have had for a few years, but haven't really used. We will be heavily using it this year in place of our Google calendar. You can access it on your smartphone or tablet using the Android or iOS app. We will also be using this to send our emails. You can go in the app to read them, re-read them, or read the email version that is sent.

USA Shooting and The Olympics:

The Olympic Museum

Worksheet for Video (print this and complete using video)

Video: Where The Journey Begins:

How to Access:

  • Download TeamApp

  • Create TeamApp Account

  • Confirm TeamApp Account

  • Search for "Harrisburg BB'

    • or return to

  • Request CompetitionTeam Access

  • Pam or Rusty will confirm access

  • View past emails, RSVP to practices, use availability feature (a period can be used in the reason area as we are unable to turn it off)

USA Shooting: Where the Journey Begins
USA Shooting: Where the Journey Begins
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