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Harrisburg Hunters' and Anglers' Association

BB Gun Riflemen Team Volunteer Coaching Staff

Our club is a volunteer-run club, including all youth programs. Our BB Gun's volunteer staff has grown up around guns, both shooting and learning gun safety. All of them are enjoying the ability to pass their knowledge to younger shooters. In addition to their knowledge, they teach using Daisy's 10-lesson curriculum and the NRA's 5-meter BB Gun rule book.



Head Coach

Rusty has been shooting since he was a child. His father was the coach of the Missouri team when they won the National Championship Match in the 1970's. He is proud of the successes this program produces. All 5 of his children have not only gone through this program, but have earned medals, trophies, and perfect test scores at many competitions, including Nationals. 

email:                          phone: (717) 903-0496



Education Coach

Pam grew up in her grandfather's gunshop and on the ranges of HHA. She was taught gun safety from a very young age and truly enjoys passing that knowledge on to today's youth using Daisy's 10-Lesson Curriculum and NRA 5-Meter BB Gun RuleBook. We love that she is passionate about finding ways for every shooter to learn, regardless of their ability. Both of her kids not only went through our program, but have earned medals, trophies, and perfect test scores. Her oldest returns throughout the season to visit the shooters and offer challenges with rewards. 

email:                            phone: (717) 623-2464

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