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Our yearly raffle based on the daily 3-digit number is underway. Tickets are available for just $10 each with daily payouts during the month of April. Weekday payouts (Monday through Friday) will be $25 per day and weekend payouts (Saturday and Sunday) will be $50 per day. We need to sell all 250 tickets for the sale to occur.


Tickets are available to sign-out in packs of 5. Once sold, the stub with the money should be returned. The stubs MUST be filled out in their entirety. The phone and address will only be used for sending the winnings and verifying the information, if not legible. No information will be sold, distributed, or used in any other way.

If you sell all of your tickets and would like more, please sign out all you can sell. If you have tickets you cannot sell, you can return them to be signed out by another family. All unsold tickets must be returned by March 1st. If they are not returned, you, as the person who signed them out, are responsible for purchasing them.

Any questions should be directed to Pam, who is fully aware of the Small Games of Chance Laws and follows them.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!

When selling your tickets, please sell them as a raffle ticket for the youth team. They will sell much faster than as a lottery ticket. Our raffle uses the evening daily number so all can see the winning number, but is in no way associated with any state lottery.