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BB Gun Riflemen Program's
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Why Do We Fundraise?

Our program is free and open to the public. In order to run this program, we must fundraise to pay the expenses.

What expenses are there?

Equipment, ammunition, targets, shooters' t-shirts, parts, repairs, match fees, state match costs, national trip cost (if we qualify), printing costs, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, poster board, cardboard, and the list goes on.

Why are we moving to large fundraisers instead of itty bitty ones?

The club helps financially, when they can. Relying on the club does not work, because they may have a bad year and be unable to assist with our expenses. You can only nickle and dime your family and friends for candles, subs, and pies so many times before they refuse to purchase more. The publicity we get from larger fundraisers is more beneficial than multiple smaller fundraisers. This publicity brings attention to our team and draws new shooters. Our program is the first stepping stone of all programs at Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers, which means we get support from our members with the larger fundraisers.


Easy, Ongoing Fundraiser

Do you drink canned beverages? Know someone who does? Our team is recycling cans! Out somewhere, but can't take the can with you because the establishment recycles cans? No problem... take the tab off the top. They add up, too!! Store your tabs in a zipper close plastic bag. Place your cans in a plastic bag from the grocery store or trash bag, tie shut, then bring to practice. Rusty will take them to the recycling plant.

Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser

Do you shop? Do you buy groceries? How about gas? Our team is selling gift cards! You purchase the cards at face value and we receive a percentage as a donation from the company. Please sign the Program Rules and Guidelines form and return it to Pam. They can send you the link for an online account to purchase gift cards. If you sign up for PrestoPay, you can receive an electronic version of your cards within minutes for just a 15 cent fee. Credit cards are now accepted! There is a percent per transaction to use your card.


Proposed Schedule 

(This schedule repeats each year.)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Spirit Wear Order (due 1/6 by 8:30 pm)

Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

Plastic Order due by 12/1




Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

Spirit Wear Orders (DUE 1/6 by 8:30 pm; delivery prior to first match)



Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

Raffle Winners "Paid"


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)


Scrip/Gift Cards (online available)

This schedule is subject to change. Fundraiser forms/additional information are available by clicking the name of the fundraiser. Please remember we need EVERYONE to participate so our program can continue to be free.

Sponsor Shirt - Know a company who would like to be a corporate sponsor? We accept sponsorships in any denomination! Those contributing $100 and above will be listed on the next sponsor shirt we have printed. Click here for form.

Correspondence Request

Our fundraising is handled through Competitive Harrisburg Association of Marksmanship Programs, known as CHAMPs. There are links to fundraising letters below, but occasionally businesses would like the letter customized. If you need a customized letter, click here for the request form. Pam will see that your letter is customized and ready for you.

General Monetary Donation
501c3 Determination

2025 State Match Raffle

We would like to have a GREAT raffle at the State Match because that's where we get the money that pays for the match. Some businesses want to see proof of our 501c3. That's the determination letter below. The donation letter will be ready soon. 

Approaching Companies

Donation Letter
501c3 Determination

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